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Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

Washington is a treasured skyline of DC, distinguished by some of the most amazing monuments and memorials of the world. Book cheap international flights to Washington and visit this extraordinary city. The incredible temples, infrastructures and statues enhance the green stretches of the city and loudly speak out the charming stories through their elegance and design. Explore the iconic landmarks of Washington and create some of the most beautiful memories.

The National Mall: The National Mall is a must-visit attraction for every first-time visitor of Washington. Surrounding a two-mile swath of land from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, this is the Washington you usually see in movies and books. You can also explore here several Smithsonian museums, the National Archives, National Gallery of Art and the U.S. Botanic Gardens. The National Mall is the site to enjoy many popular festivals and protests, and it is a home to a dazzling fireworks exhibition held on every 4th of July.

Lincoln Memorial: An immediately recognized landmark of DC, the Lincoln Memorial is a tribute to the nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. This outstanding landmark is designed by architect Henry Bacon in Greek-inspired temple design. The statue of Lincoln is sculpted by Daniel Chester French, the chairman of the Commission of Fine Arts. The temple has 38 columns that are given the names of the 36 states, which were in the Union during Lincoln’s death. Jules Guerin has sculpted the Murals of the temple that embellish its interiors. The complete infrastructure of this remarkable tourist spot is simply outstanding.

The Washington Monument: One of the most identifiable of all the iconic sites in DC. Constructed as a tribute to the first president of country, George Washington, The Washington Monument is a remarkable tourist spot of the city. The marble monument was built to appear like an Egyptian obelisk, a design frequently used to honor the kings and pharaohs. Visiting this monument, you will realize that this building appears in two different shades of white. It is because the construction of the monument was stopped during the Civil War when funding ran out. So, marbles were imported from different states.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial: Reminding of the popular Pantheon in Italy, Thomas Jefferson memorial is an honor to the third president of the country that took nine years to complete. In designing the architecture of this memorial, architect John Russell Pope included Jefferson’s favorite design elements, the rotunda. The statue of Jefferson stands proudly at 19 feet height under the rotunda encircled by carved passages having Declaration of Independence and other eminent works of the president.

JR. Memorial: Officially dedicated to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is an important tourist attraction of the city. The memorial is designed as an enduring tribute to Dr. King’s legacy that will always serve as a monument of the freedom, opportunity and justice for which he fought. The main showpiece of this memorial is a 30-foot statue of this leader carved from the “Stone of Hope.” It also features a crescent-shaped stone wall having a number of imprinted quotations from his speeches.

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