The Fascinating Wonders of Washington D.C.

There are so many interesting places to visit in Washington D.C, it pays to enjoy the city at your leisure by getting around via a car rental. Whether interested in the mysteries of secret agents, government, animals or any other topic, the city offers something for visitors of all ages.

Spy Museum

Come face-to-face with the authentic world of spying and learn the many different reasons why agents agree to do what they do. Explore the galleries featuring hundreds of examples of the equipment and gadgets used in the field. Guests also have the opportunity to assess their skills of analysis, explore the art of disguise and test surveillance techniques at various interactive areas. The Bond Villain exhibit attracts fans of the fictitious character while introducing real-life agents and hair-raising scenarios. Learn about historic spies through the ages and the real story behind the Hollywood movie “Argo.”

The United States Capitol

While free to the public, visiting this facility requires obtaining a pass in advance. Once inside, guests initially tour the impressive visitor's center, which spans more 550,000 square feet and features more than two centuries of architecture and art. Visit the House and Senate galleries along with the array of special corridors and halls dispersed throughout the structure. Unique exhibits include the history behind the Civil War and the War of 1812.

The White House

Though also free to visitors, gaining entrance into the White House requires permission via a state congressman. Tours encompass rooms in the West Wing, main building and East wing of the structure. The various locations open to guests lie on the ground, first and state floors and include dining areas, state rooms and the oval office. Visitors may also explore certain areas of the property grounds that include the Kennedy and kitchen gardens.

Smithsonian Institute

Established in 1846, the Smithsonian now consists of 19 galleries and museums, a zoo and nine research facilities. Journey from one location to another using a car rental service to visit an area of special interest. The facilities are admission free and span the gamut of subject matter ranging from cultural art to science and technology. Combined, the facilities showcase hundreds of millions of artifacts and specimens that date back billions of years to modern spacecraft.

The National Zoological Park

A favorite among animal lovers, the zoo serves as home to approximately 400 different species and around 2,000 animals arranged in various indoor and outdoor exhibits. The American, Amazonian and Asian exhibits feature special animal cohabitation groupings commonly found in these parts of the world. Gaze in awe at the Giant Pandas from China, the cheetahs from Africa, the Great Apes or the Great Cats, all housed in environments that replicate natural habitats.