St. Anton in Austria

D.C. is wonderful, but there also other great places in the world: St. Anton in Austria! Between december and february especially a lot of guests from the United States and the United Kingdom come to Austria in order to make skiing holidays. Therefore some skiing areas in the west of Austria provide special services for english speaking guests. One of these services is for instance native-speaking personell in restaurants, pubs, cafés and bars. They are not only able to fullfill any wishes of english speaking guests but can also have a nice talk about any topic concerning the US or the UK. Another practical service for english speaking guests in Austria are ski rental services. Especially in St. Anton guests from the US or from UK can find a lot of ski rentals or ski hire services. As it is often not possible or inconvenient to take one or two pairs of skies, shoes and helmets with you, services like ski rental or ski hire are very popular in St. Anton. Another big benefit provided by ski rentals or ski hire services in St. Anton is the possibility to order or book your skies, shoes and helmets online. By doing this it‘s also possible to pay in advance via credit card or invoice.

All in all it is to say that not only the ski rental and ski hire services in St.Anton are responsible for the popularity of this skiing area. It is also the big sum of great and top modern hotels in this area and a lot of typical austrian restaurants, pubs and cafés.

ski rental St. Anton