Property market in Alanya Turkey

If you’re interested in visiting Turkish Riviera you can also consider buying a property in Turkey. You have there many interesting options available. Turkey is a country covering some 780,000 square meters with resorts all along its 7,200 square meters of Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea coastline. But one of the prettiest resorts, with an incredible wealth of history and natural baeuty that is a draw to thousands of people annually, is Alanya on the Mediterranean Coast.

Alanya is located about 1,5 hour drive away from the large international airport at Antalya which serves the entire Turkish Riviera region (how ever this year Gazipasa Airport - ca. 45 km east from Alanya started first international flights). As a result Alanya is an easy to reach destination and very popular with British, German, Dutch and Scandinavian holidaymakers. During the summer months the beautiful resort of Alanya is well visited and there is great demand for short-term self-catering rental accommodation.

The summer season in the resort runs from April to October and every year it attracts more visitors as it grows in popularity, therefore property investment in this region can be considered to be very worthwhile.

In terms of the apartments for sale in Alanya there are quite a lot of newly developed units coming onto the market and starting from EUR 27,000 for ‘one bed one bath and a living room’ properties. For something slightly more rentable with communal facilities including garden, tennis court, fitness and a pool you’re currently looking in the region of EUR 60,000 for a 2 bed 1 bath and a living room apartment close to the beach.

If you do want to rent out your flat in Alanya then you can rent it out all year round or just for the summer season. There are always tourists looking for holiday rentals in Alanya. If you rent it out for the summer season on a week by week basis you can expect to earn from between EUR 200 a week and EUR 450 a week depending on the size of the property, its proximity to the beach and town center facilities and also depending on the onsite facilities, with modern apartments with access to a pool reaching the highest weekly rental rates.