Heading for the south of Madagascar

With its always sunny climate, the south of Madagascar is an ideal destination for holidays with family and friends also for an unforgettable discovery.

If you have not yet the found the destination for your holidays, choose an offer at holidays-madagascar.netfor a touring in the south. When leaving Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, to Antsirabe, you can already start visiting the different tourist sights of the City of water such as the Andraikiba Lake, the Tritriva Lake, and other thermal springs which cure a lot of illnesses.

Let us continue our trip all the way to Fianarantsoa, the Betsileo region, known for its producing wine and tea. The city is also renowned for the Zafimaniry art and sculpture in Ambositra. From Fianarantsoa, you can visit Manakara, the southeastern part of the island where you can have a swim in the sea and contemplate the landscape.

To continue, you can visit the de Ranomafana Park, a protected area which rounds up variety of endemic fauna and flora. But that is not all. In Ranohira, the excursions start on the massif of Isalo, a mountainous massif which stretches over 82,000 ha. It’s really a unique, interesting landscape which gives a variety of impressive sights especially at sunset.

Apart from that, Isalo has other places of interest such as natural pools, grots, and long downhill slopes, etc.

To end the trip, from Tulear, you can go to Ifaty for a certain moment of relaxation. You can also go to the beach and do some nautical activities such as deep-sea diving and others.