Media In Washington DC


In this article, we are going to discuss about the media in Washington DC. There are so many channels and mediums through which Washington DC Media let its presence felt. Read the below presented review to know more in detail regarding media in Washington.


Washington D.C. is no doubt one of the important centers for national and international media. One of the oldest and most read local daily newspapers in Washington is known as the Washington Post which was founded in the year 1877. It is still considered as the important media in Washington DC. It is well known for its coverage of national and international politics as well as for exposing the Watergate scandal.



Another important newspaper of the Washington DC Media is called The Post. There are three main editions that are printed these days of this newspaper, which comprises of one edition for the District, one for the Maryland, and one for the Virginia. It is interesting to know that despite not having expanded national editions, this media in Washington DC holds the sixth position in among the highest circulation of all news dailies in the country as of September 2008.


Nowadays, the country’s largest daily newspaper by circulation is called as the USA Today, and its headquartered are at a nearby place known as McLean, Virginia.


The Washington Post Company which also holds an important place in the Washington DC media provides daily free commuter newspaper which is named as the Express. It basically contains the rundown review of events, sports and entertainment, as well as the Spanish-language paper El Tiempo Latino. It is interesting to know that the Washington Metropolitan Area is considered as the ninth-largest television media market in America having around reach in two million homes which is roughly equal to 2% of the U.S. population.


Not only newspapers are main representatives of Washington Media, there are various other media companies and television channels which have their headquarters in Washington DC. The names of some of the media companies and channels which are based in Washington are C-SPAN, the National Geographic Channel, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Smithsonian Networks, XM Satellite Radio; National Public Radio (NPR); Travel Channel in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Maryland and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in Arlington, Virginia. A radio station named as radio one, is also based here. It is country’s biggest African American television and radio corporation, founded by media mogul Cathy Hughes.