The Last Stand of the Single: Bucks Celebrations in D.C.

If you live in Washington D.C. and you’ve been given the command position for planning your friend’s last stand before he takes the plunge into wedded bliss, you may feel a little out of your depth. It’s a city at the center of the world, full of life, color, and more options for fun than you can easily get your brain around. Don’t worry. This article will serve as a great place to start planning a perfect night for your brother in arms. Depending on your friend’s tastes and wishes, there are any number of things to do, so what follows aims to hit the high points available. Don’t be afraid to deviate and explore your options.

Not Just Any Museum Piece

If you’ve got the entire day to fill, you won’t want to hit the clubs or bars too soon. Save that for later in the evening. Consider a visit to one of Washington D.C.’s many awesome museums as great beginning to your bachelor festivities. If you’re lost for great bucks party ideas, consider what your friend is most passionate about. Chances are, there’s a museum that caters to that interest. Perhaps the most extensive is the Smithsonian Museum, because it isn’t a single edifice, but a series of partner institutions and galleries located along the Mall. If your buddy is interested in architecture, art, history, or the natural sciences, you’ll find plenty to divert him all on the National Mall.

Stopping for a Bite

You’ll definitely need fortification on your friend’s last day of freedom. Great bucks party ideas are thick on the ground in the historic waterfront district of Georgetown. It’s a good place to relax over a meal, have a pint, and spend some quality time with your select group of friends before heading to your next destination.

In Season

If your friend’s nuptials coincide with any sports season, it would be almost a crime not to include a game in your rounds of the town. Washington D.C. is home to three major men’s sports teams, so take your pick and buy your tickets. If your friend has a taste for the gridiron, the Washington Redskins call D.C. home. D. C. United are the local soccer pros and the Nationals have ruled the D.C. baseball diamond for decades.

After you’ve treated your friend to a last afternoon of single freedom, take him out for a night on the town. D.C. boasts some of the best pubs in the region. While your buddy’s tastes may be for more exotic fare, the city has some of the best brew available in the region. Georgetown is a great repeat destination, especially after dark. Enjoy the energy of the city atmosphere, toast to the health and happiness of your friend, and send him out in style.