Best Playgrounds in Washington, DC

The city of Washington DC has many museums, playgrounds and other public attractions for resident and visitors recreation. Even though getting a place to relax and play can be challenging in a city, taking kids out to the outdoors to play is beneficial for the body and mind. Some of the best playgrounds available in Washington, DC include; East Potomac Park, Kalorama Park, The Friendship Turtle Park, Montose Park the Joyful Jumps playground and Watkins Regional Park.

The East Potomac Park is a situated on a large over 300-acre Peninsula located between the Potomac River and Washington Channel. The most popular point in the park is the Hains Point. The point is located at the southern end portion of the park. Some of the most attractive amenities in this park location include; an outdoor pool, large playground, mini golf course and a recreational center. Hains Point is also a popular picnic locale with numerous picnic facilities; the new playground equipment is set on a surface made of rubber mat that is designed to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers.

The Kalorama Park is located at 19th Street and Kalorama Rd. NW opposite the Kalorama Recreation Center right at the heart of Adams Morgan. This Washington DC playground is divided into several sections including small and big kid’s play areas. The Friendship Turtle Park is often considered one of the best public playgrounds in DC. The park has a fenced area with shade, picnic tables and benches. The other popular amenities found in this park are tennis and basketball courts and a sandbox with turtles.

The Montrose Park is located in R-Street and North West, the Park is a hidden gem in Georgetown. This quiet Park tucked away from the busy streets is especially great for kids who need space to run around while allowing their parents time off to catch some breath. The park is also perfectly manicured with a beautiful stone-made gate. The playground equipment in this park are all spread out across the depths of the park, this is designed to ensure that there is no crowding at any given time. Montrose Park is one of the few Washington DC parks to have swing and monkey bars for kid’s enjoyment. In case you want to stroll through the wilderness to see some wildlife, you can take to the path towards Dumbarton Park.

The Joyful Jumps Park and the Cabin John Regional Park are located in the greater DC metro area. The Joyful Joy Jumps is located on 6858-Race Track Road in Bowie MD. The playground equipments are designed for kid’s fun and enjoyment, these include; inflatables, joy jumps and traditional moon bounce and slides ( check out the photos of these playground equipment from this page). There is also an adult seating area where visitors to the park can take a much deserved break, in addition to two private rooms that are perfect for holding get-together and parties.

The Watkins Regional Park located in Upper Marlboro Maryland, on the other hand, offers an expansive playground designed for family fun. While at the Watkins Regional Park, families can play in an 18-hole mini golf course. The other fun activities and facilities at this park include the famous Chesapeake Carousel and a miniature train that runs through the park, the fun train offers visitors a close view of the Old Mary Farm.