Natural Features Of Washington DC


The natural features of Washington DC are such that its geographical location is 38°53′42″N 77°02′11″W / 38.895°N 77.03639°W. / 38.895; -77.03639. The total area covered by the city is equal to 177.0 km², out of this 159.0 km² is land area and 8.0 km² is covered by water.


Exploring in details the geographical features of Washington DC, the states of Virginia surrounds it on the southwest side and Maryland surrounds it on its southeast, northeast, and northwest sides. Washington breaks off the common border of these two neighboring states which is the southern shore of the Potomac River both upstream and downstream from the District.


The section of river Potomac which crosses Washington virtually lies fully within the District's border, as it extends to the southern bank. The city is also home to the historic ‘federal city’, the territory of which was the wing of those two adjacent states before they respectively concede it for the national capital. The land which was conceded from Virginia was given back by Congress in 1847, so what remains of the modern Washington DC was used to be a part of Maryland in the past.


This is also one of the reasons why the natural features in Washington DC share similarities with the physical geography of much of Maryland. The popular natural features of Washington DC are the natural flowing water bodies which are three in number. The River Potomac and its two tributaries named as the Anacostia River and Rock Creek are among the most popular natural features of Washington DC. The historic peninsula called as the Arsenal Point is formed at the meeting point of the river Potomac and tributary Anacostia. There is another water body in Washington DC, called as Washington Channel, which flows into the junction of the Anacostia and Potomac rivers.


Apart form these water bodies which are popular natural features in Washington DC, there are three man-made reservoirs also which are known as the Dalecarlia Reservoir, McMillan Reservoir, and Georgetown Reservoir. There is one more minor reservoir which is siyuated at Fort Reno in Tenleytown.


The other well-known natural features of Washington DC consists of the Theodore Roosevelt Island, Hains Point, the Columbia Island and Three Sisters island.